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Buying Bitcoins can seem hard, but in reality it is simple and fast to buy bitcoins .


Where can I buy bitcoin fast and simple?


The most easy way to buy bitcoins is by a site called:

Create a free Localbitcoins account. Choose that you want to buy bitcoin and what country you want to shop in. Now you can choose many ways how you want to pay for your bitcoins. Bank transfer, by credit card or wester union is a few of the many alternatives you have.

This link will take you to’s guide on how to purchase bitcoins:


How do I make a order on your website with bitcoins?



It is very easy. Here is how to make a order if you have purchase your Bitcoins on If you have another wallet than Localbitcoins, is it basiclly the same steps exept you are doing it in your chosen wallet.

  1. When you have bought bitcoins on, they will arrive to your wallet in your Localbitcoins account.
  2. When logged in on Localbitcoins, click Wallet in top right and you will see how much bitcoin you have on your account.
  3. Now, go to our shop, put the products you want to buy in the cart and proceed to the checkout.
  4. Fill in your information and delivery address and click “Pay with bitcoins”. Now you will see a bitcoin amount and a bitcoin address that you will transfer your bitcoins to, to complete the purchase
  5. Copy the bitcoin address and go back to you wallet.
  6. Here you find a field called bitcoin address where you paste the bitcoin address you copied from our page.
  7. You now go back to our page and copy the bitcoin amount. Go back to your wallet and paste the amount in the amount field.
  8. Now click send and type in your password.
  9. Go back to our shop and you will see that your order has been accepted. You will also receive a confirmations email to the email you provided.

That’s it. We will ship your order within 24 hours.


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