Shipping terms

We prefer to send the products loose(not in blisters)

We will send the pack with the absolute best stealth in the game. We prefer to sending the products loose (not in blisters) because this way we can hide it very well so even if the customs open the pack they will probably not notice it. We will leave 1 pill/capsule in blister per product with your order for you to confirm this is a legit product straight from Spanish Pharmacy.

You can of course get your order in blisters if you prefer to take the extra risk, please write this in the order comment when making the order.
If you do not inform us that you want it in blisters, we will send it loose with a beautiful stealth.

We offer 2 ways of shipping:

Untracked – this option is very safe, and it is how we send 90% of our order. Very good success rate. 3-14 days within europe, 7-30 days for USA/AUSTRALIA/CANADA or other countries outside Europe. You do not need to sign for this option, the post will leave it straight down you mailbox. If package is to big for the mailbox, you will get a letter where to pick up the package.

Untracked shipping is invisible when you have received the package. The only one that will know about the package is you.

Tracked Minimum order value is 200 euro to be able to use this option.
Tracked is a bit faster, but higher chance it get checked by the customs. But we will pack it very good so i hopefully it wont even get seized even if the customs open the pack. What you should also know with tracked shipping is: The post will keep the information of packages that have been sent to your address. So, if you have a package that got caught by the customs, they will check the list of packages that have been delivered to you in past. Just a good thing to have in mind when you decide what shipping is good for you. We can reship products if lost/seized. Only for tracked option and within Europe.

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