Shipping terms


For the medicines that are in blisters you can choose to get any amount sent in original blister pack. For medicines in bottles (concerta) we can only send bottle if the order is of 30 pills or more, as the bottles contains 30 pills.

If you choose to get your order sent in blister/bottles, you should note that you will not be able to get a reship if your order get seized by the customs.

The reason for this is that sending it in blister/bottle makes it harder for us to make the packing look as another legal product. The risk increases that the package will be seized by your countries custom.

We will do our best to hide it and most of the times the order arrives without problems, but if you want it sent in blisters/bottle you agree to this terms.

You need to inform us when making your order that you want the products sent in blisters/bottles. If we have not received any information about this the product will be sent without blisters/bottles. 

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