Why do you want me to leave feedback after i have received my order?

Because it is a great way to let us and our customers know what you think about our service and products.

Please leave the feedback here: https://tramfuture.com/reviews/


Can I read feedback/reviews about you?

Yes, you can here, tramfuture.com/reviews

Can I encrypt my address?

Yes you can. for information how to encrypt your address., please check: Security information

What is the safest way to contact you?

Please create a free protonmail.com account and send us a email to tramfuture@protomail.com. All emails between protonmail accounts is fully encrypted.

Where is your products made?

All our products are made in Spain and from Spanish pharmacies.

What country do you send your products from?

We will send your order form Spain, Europe.

How can I pay my order?

We only accept bitcoin as a payment. This is because bitcoin is the most safest payment right now.

Where can I buy bitcoins?

We have put togehter a guide on how you fast and easy buy bitcoins and make a order at our shop. Check it out here: tramfuture.com/buy-bitcoins-guide

How long is the shipping time?

Europe: 2-5 workingdays, in rare cases it can take up to 14 workingsdays. It all depends on how fast the Post work.

Rest of the world: 5-14 workingdays, in rare cases it can take up to 28 workingsdays. It all depends on how fast the Post work.

Will you accept other cryptocurrencies?

Yes, in the future we will accept other cryptos like for example Ethereum.

Do you send my order with a tracking number?

We can send with tracking number for orders over 1000 capsules/pills. But we recommend for a safe delivery is always best without tracking number as the customs is much more interested in packages with tracking number.

How long time before you send my order?

Monday-Friday we will send your order within 24 hours. Orders made on a weekend will be sent the following working day.

Is it possible to buy more pills/capsules than what is listed?

Yes, on some medicines. Contact us on tramfuture.com@protonmail.com for more information.


European medicines with express delivery.






We can accept any crypto currency. Contact us at


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