(DENMARK) HiTech Lean – Codeine Syrup – Original bottle


HiTech Lean from USA – Original bottle

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Codeine Syrup also known as “Lean” Imported from USA


Original bottle size 473 ml. The product is beautiful purple liquid.

Our partners Timslean will send this product from Denmark.

To receive in a original you must order 1 or more bottles. And you must inform us in the order comment that you want to receive it in the original bottle.If you do not inform us we will send it in smaller bottles, because it is easier to make a beautiful stealth using the smaller bottles to make sure you receive the product safely.

But as said, it is possible to receive in sealed original bottle.

If you ordering from outside the EU, we do recommend to get it shipped in small bottles because there can be custom issue. You can also send us a email regarding your situation and we will find the best solution for you.


First timers start with a small dose. And wait 1-2 hours before refilling. The effect could be kick in slowly depending on when and what you have eaten that day.

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