HiTech Lean Codeine Syrup – (Small bottle)


HiTech Codeine Syrup also known as “Lean” Imported from USA

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Codeine Syrup also known as “Lean” Imported from USA


Our partners TimsNest will send this Denmark.

We can now send with express shipping all over Europe. This option only works with the lean since it is sent from Denmark. Receive to your home or parcel shop. If you want this option, choose the tracked option in shipping options. Then you write in the order comment “Express to home” or “Express to parcel shop”.

For parcel shop you can choose a random address close to your home. But you need your real name on a id to be able to pick up the package from the parcel shop.

If have more question about this, please write us on Tramfuture.com@protonmail.com

Products description:

This is a small bottle of 60ml (NOT ORIGINAL) If you want original bottle, please see this product.

Original bottle

The product is beautiful purple liquid.


First timers start with a small dose of about 30ml. And wait 1-2 hours before refilling. The effect could be slower depending on when and what you have eaten that day.

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